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Outsourcing to a professional editor can help you elevate internally created content to a professional level. Our team of editors are experts in grammar, editorial style, professional business language and messaging. They will eliminate errors and make sure that your messaging has clarity and style.

Levels of editing

The range of editing services we offer:

Substantive editing

Our substantive editors dig deep into your content, assessing structure, logic and presentation. This type of edit ensures your messages are clear, your voice distinct and your arguments persuasive.

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Copy editing

Our copy editors check for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax and usage, ensuring consistent style, enhancing readability and flow. We make sure links work and are correct. We also query factual errors, gaps in logic, biased language and organisational problems. Our goal is to create a clean document, free of distractions that can get between you and your audience.

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Provides a final review and quality check of your content, catching error by previous reviewers or that were introduced during design.

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