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Elite Media offers a range of primary research services that will help enhance your research with extra content or help data check your internal calculations.

Primary research creates unique content

We have dedicated economists and data analysts to support our research activity. We specialise in high quality quantitative and qualitative primary research, plus economic and financial analysis. Our clients come to us to help provide solutions that are unique to them. We help by providing robust research that reflects our macroeconomic, socio-demographic, financial, geopolitical and sectorial expertise.

Our services

  • Index Construction

  • Economic Impact Studies

  • Regional, country and sub-national analysis

  • Market Sizing & Strategy

  • Scenario Construction & Analysis

  • Sector Analysis

  • Financial Data Analysis

  • Executive Level Surveys


A world-class team

Our research services are delivered by a world-class team of experts using best-in-class data, to ensure that our clients have the competitive edge by using high quality strategic business intelligence. Our independence means that we are free to use the most relevant financial, economic, and market data to ensure our output meets our clients’ exacting demands.


We also incorporate these primary research techniques to help our clients get the clearest understanding of the data and how they can use that knowledge to improve their thought leadership output.

Economic research

Economic data is a powerful tool to support the narrative of your content. We can help you support your “big thinking” research with our econometric skills as we did with EY or pull together big data as in this PwC example to easily explain a big story.

Financial data

The business world is inundated by financial data; our expertise is to tease out the critical information that helps you offer insight to your clients and helps them rely on your company as a thought leader as we’ve done for these clients.


Surveys can be a powerful part of the narrative toolkit but too often are used for the wrong reasons. Survey data doesn’t explain what leading firms are doing to stay ahead or provide strategic advice – your own experts provide that insight. Surveys should be used to understand your market, what clients can relate to and learn from, here’s a good example from the Tax team at Allen & Overy.


In economics and finance, an index is a statistical measure of changes in a representative group of individual data points. The data can be derived from any number of sources, including company financial reports, prices, macroeconomic series, productivity, national accounts, survey data or industry data. Basically, all of the research methods we know we’re good at in one research tool.


In its simplest form The Economist provides a Big Mac Index that expresses the adjusted cost of a Big Mac worldwide as a percentage over or under the cost of a Big Mac in America, this helps to visualise currency values.


A recent Index we developed is the EY MENA Climate Change Readiness Index that tracks responses to climate change in Egypt, Jordan and the six members of the GCC. Rather than focusing on vulnerability, like other climate indices, we measure how well governments are tackling the factors in their control, in particular how they are adapting their economies and societies to climate change and how well they are mitigating the phenomenon by reducing emissions.

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