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Our Writers

Our world-class writers help bring clarity to complex topics with powerful writing, precise editing, creative thinking and thoughtful content strategy.

An extension of
your team

We work as an extension of a client’s team, working side by side to create great content and to help your project succeed.

In today’s content-driven world, you need to create great content to stand-out and to be seen as an expert. Much of our client work is with professional firms, management consultancies, and government; they demand and need great content and we have the quality and experience to help make that happen.


With Elite Media, you gain access to a highly experienced team of writers. We are all alumni of The Economist and you are guaranteed the knowledge and skill that’s required to understand complex topics and break them down into clear, powerful messages.


Our writing process

Here’s what you can expect when you work with our writers:

We research

Our writers start with your internal experts. We interview your experts to explore what they want, who they want to reach, and what they want to say. We’ll also include independent research as required, so we can write about your expert subject as engagingly as possible.


We craft your message

We take your experts knowledge and apply it to the content, preparing an outline for approval and then the first draft. The aim is to create content that’s clear, powerful, and easy to understand.


We deliver what you need

We’ll refine the draft until the content reads just the way your expert intended.


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