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Thought Leadership

Basic content marketing helps to inform, educate, and attract potential buyers at different stages of the buying process. Thought leadership content though only emerges when important ideas and company views captures attention and helps clients to discuss those topics.

Maximise the return on investment

Sponsoring a media brand to write a report will not make your clients want to buy your expertise, the reality is it will confuse the reader as to why your firm would hide behind another brand. Elite Media will work with you to make sure your thought leadership investment shines a spotlight on your expertise.

Some firms have content development and marketing groups which include in‐house as well as outsourced research and writing resources. Elite Media can be part of that process and work with you to maximise the return on investments.


We believe that thought leadership is about turning proven experience, expertise and insightful information into value and benefits.

Thought Leadership Support For Marketers

Have you wondered why your firm can create a great content campaign and then struggle to do it on a consistent basis? We think that the key to a good content campaign is to create an understanding of what the outcome needs to be and establish a narrative voice – or even an editorial policy – that means that at every stage of the process everyone has the clarity to know what they are aiming for.


Of course, ROI and PR are the important metrics that drive a content campaign - we understand that - which is why Elite Media is an ideal partner to help you meet those targets.


We can provide content that can help drive your campaign, from “big thinking” research based on our econometric skills as we did with EY or pull together big data as in this PwC example to easily explain a big story with an infographic.


Some of the most effective content campaigns focus on a narrow topic that helps highlight your firm’s expertise; this where small briefing reports or articles can drive the right type of PR headlines as we did with this report for PwC.


The best content campaigns are built on an interesting concept, have a strong narrative and use the best tools to deliver key messages.


We can offer you a world class research toolkit and we also use our journalists and editors to shine a spotlight on your firm’s expertise through interviews that feed into your content, an example of this is work we did for Hogan Lovells.


Your client has an issue they are looking to deal with, that’s why they invest time in your firm’s content, if you aren’t able to convince them of the expertise you have to help them then they may go elsewhere. We can use your client’s views as “expert witnesses” to complement your opinion with their market analysis or case study experiences. Our experienced business writers can merge your firm’s insight with the “expert witness” analysis as we did for this report.

Thought Leadership Support For Business Development

We often get commissioned with the sole purpose of delivering content that will help business development teams to sell services to clients. Our work can be aimed at a very small group of clients to support a pitch or win an opportunity to get your experts in-front of senior executives as we did with this report for EY.

We work with business development teams to avoid a banal description of a service offering and make sure you deliver content with substance and evidence developed using our world class research toolkit.


We believe that firms get the best return on thought leadership investment when the aim is to convince clients to buy your expertise with a clever and insightful content campaign that provides real world recommendations to intelligently prompt your client to buy your services - here’s a good example from the Tax team at Allen & Overy and another from their Intellectual Property team.

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